how to clean camera lenses at home

How To Clean Camera Lenses At Home: Tips And Tricks

If you are a dedicated photographer or even just doing it for passion, it must keep your camera lens clean and clear for the best performance. Well, it’s not that much tricky but not also a way easy because if you rub your lens often or too much, it may increase the risk of getting […]

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how to shoot video with canon

How To Shoot Video With Canon 5d Mark III : Step By Step Guide

Do you know how to shoot a video with canon 5d mark iii? If no, then read this review.Technology has been seeing rapid changes from 20 years, and with the growing results of technological devices, the people’s demands are also convincing. The power of the inventions had been wider. Do you remember a film camera? […]

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how to shoot an action camera as a webcame

How To Use An Action Camera As A Webcam

Do you know, how to use an action camera as a webcam? An action camera is a digital camera intended for recording, and so action cameras are naturally made compact and rough and are mostly waterproof.They classically use CMOS image sensors and can capture photos in either burst mode, record a time-lapse, and record videos. […]

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Best Selfie Poses For Girls With Important Tips In 2021

It is must to learn how to appear and your lookup for a selfie. Your standing style can make lots of difference in your personality and how you want to look in the picture. However, you can take an attractive photo if you know how to hold the camera for selfie. Some times it is […]

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